Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope

Personal Life

2016 is your year, Sagittarius, to cultivate talents and skills that take you far and fast. You may not be given all the situations and opportunities that you choose right off the bat, but you'll have more than enough resources and creativity to make the best use of everything that comes your way. The year may start slowly with Jupiter (your ruling planet) being retrograde until early May. After that, your personal energy and good luck should increase. Mars will be retrograde in the spring, but this won't create any delays for you. In fact, you should be able to be more careful, and successful, in your work. People may like you better and you may be more willing to learn from them. Romance also comes your way this year. The Solar Eclipse in September is especially favorable for your health as well as for your love life. You will do great things all year long, Sagittarius!

Love couples

Charming days are ahead, Sagittarius! As 2016 begins, Venus is in Sagittarius to brighten and sweeten the whole year for you. Your partner may be more attracted to you, and more proud of you, too. If this isn't normal in your relationship, it will become so. Agreement should be easy over money matters, especially in the first two months. If a big purchase or pricey summer vacation looms, you'll have chosen a joint path months before then. The spring Mars retrograde period discourages any rash decisions. September is an affectionate and dreamy time. A Solar Eclipse and a following Lunar Eclipse, both in Mutable signs (as is Sagittarius) keeps attention on treating people well. Feel generous but keep most of those tender feelings and actions at home for yourselves. November and December are pivotal times, too. Smart, patient communication, thanks to Mercury and Saturn, bring you closer together as the holiday season over-stimulates the world around you. End the year knowing that you were made for one another!

Career and Money

In 2016 money and work opportunities want to find you, and you may be able to hold on to most of what you gain. Be patient, take a close look at any and all offers, and don't feel pressured to make quick decisions. Money looks most abundant in the first two months, so save what you can. Otherwise, these could be "easy come, easy go" days. Happily, Pluto in Capricorn promotes solid financial decisions regardless of what pressures or sudden changes arise. If exploring new work or expanding your current career, 2016 brings slow but steady progress. Have faith in your intuition when faced with a transfer, promotion, or job offer. A karmic contact could lead you to somewhere better, especially in August or September. The Mercury retrograde in September encourages prudent work-related choices. Be modest in financial plans, including investments, and possibly see a big return in October or November when Jupiter brings you more luck and rewards.