Pisces 2016 Horoscope

Pisces 2016 Horoscope

Personal Life

2016 is a power year, Pisces, and most of what you do will happen out in public, in plain view, and probably with the help and cooperation of others. Your circle of friends and partners will grow, starting in January and February. You won't feel lonely in 2016. Feel more bold about money, possessions, and your own body in the springtime. Consult your intuitions and instincts as a way to look before you leap into unfamiliar territory - but be brave. Later in April, May, and June, when Mars is retrograde, your mental focus and health will be less impacted than other signs. Enjoy a period of emotional calm. You know how to feel intense without showing it all the time. A Solar Eclipse in March may stir events in your world, but you'll be prepared. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces in September is more emotional. The Mercury-Venus conjunction in your 2016 chart is a gift that keeps you smart, sharp, and sensitive all year long.

Love couples

2016 is a year rich with changes and opportunities for greater, deeper happiness together. You will need to express what changes you want, though, and perhaps get the ball rolling on some of them. You and your partner are on firm ground all year long with the Mercury-Venus conjunction in your 2016 chart. You may share big dreams of major purchases or vacations, or even generous donations to charities... but you both know to keep these dreams on hold, for this year at least. Starting in the midsummer, your partner may be the more emotional of the two of you, so handle each other with care and love. Be supportive, talk out and share more rather than clamming up and being more needy and demanding. Any exposed frailties will draw you closer together every day. In the fall and winter, decide which social events and groups are most satisfying and focus your time on them. Having fun can get intense, too!

Career and Money

Think big, feel big, plan big, and act big in 2016, Pisces. Small things can be done in a big way and then shine with perfection and success, especially in October. This is the kind of work that you can do throughout 2016. Self-confidence is the key. Most of what you want to do and accomplish is unselfish and intended for the benefit of all, so don't sell yourself short on anything. A Solar Eclipse in March could open a career opportunity for you and you can do things this year than no other sign can. If business partners or co-workers get emotional on you in July, you can empathize and smooth the waters. Keep some emotional distance and spare yourself a dip in the whirlpool of confusion. In fact, you'll look like the hero you are. October, November, and December are high-energy times when Jupiter... then Mars... then Saturn are all supporting you. Make the most of it all!