Libra 2016 Horoscope

Libra 2016 Horoscope

Personal Life

2016 is your lucky year, Libra, in more ways than one. Your tact and social skills will be in high demand and this will bring great satisfaction and happiness. When everyone is working hard to get ahead, your talents will smooth the way and create more opportunities for your friends, family, and you. With all four Mercury retrogrades happening in Earth signs, most people will be zoned in on the nuts and bolts of life. Your softer social touch will come in handy, especially around the Lunar Eclipse in March when the Moon will be in Libra. People can still surprise you, mostly in April and May. Make some new friends and contacts now. Then forge stronger emotional bonds in May and June. Sharp thinking and an appreciation for something new could launch you into a new, better direction in September and October. Be thorough, and then trust your judgment. Make your own luck in November and December. Be ambitious and aim for the stars!

Love couples

Life may have changes in mind for the two of you in 2016, Libra. A breath of fresh air can be a good thing for both of you. Be adaptable, support one another, and enter into a better space. If you're anticipating a big change, or even a relocation, it could happen early in the year. Be realistic about your options and discuss everything. The January Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will promote objective decisions. If nerves get stretched thin in March, focus on taking care of each other, each other's health, and those things that make you happy and feeling secure together. Neptune's unsettling influence won't last long. Enjoy surprising one another in April, and don't take offense during minor squabbles. The Mercury retrograde in May could prolong this bumpy time, but you can navigate through it. In September and October, you can brainstorm, make any big household decisions, and just celebrate being together. Passion deepens as winter approaches, with bright sparks of holiday romance.

Career and Money

If you're dreaming of a more satisfying occupation in 2016, look close to home. Friends and family may have suggestions, contacts, or offer an example of something that would pay and suit you better. Or, it may be desirable to work from home part of the time and minimize the commute and running around. This year you could shape your work situation to better mesh with your home life. If you're in a service or creative position that pleases you, why rock the boat? The Solar Eclipse in March will be a reality check for you if you have any doubts. You could save more money this year, too, which always comes in handy. In May, you can consolidate holdings and gain more financial security. Be even more discerning in your money decisions, especially as the September Mercury retrograde approaches. Any minor missteps or miscalculations are easily corrected in November and December, as Saturn keeps you cautious and well grounded. It's one productive year!